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Meet Dr. Tran

Thang D. Tran, MD, of True You Medical Aesthetic specializes in internal medicine and offers a number of cosmetic procedures to his patients in Silicon Valley, California.

Dr. Tran and his staff are proud to be one of the busiest aesthetic practices in the region, offering a wide range of aesthetic options for the body and face. Patients approach aesthetic procedures with individual goals. Dr. Tran and his team expertly create a specialized path for each patient, helping them achieve their desired aesthetic appearance. Dr. Tran is committed to helping patients achieve their desired outcomes using his talents as both a physician and an artist.

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Get Real Results

Let us help you find the perfect procedure for your aesthetic desires like these:


“Most Doctors don’t remember your name. Dr. Tran not only remember you by your first name but also very attentive. My experience with Dr. Tran’s office has always positive. The office is conveniently located on Capitol Expressway near Target. Plenty of parking spaces. My appointment was at 9:45 a.m. I was quickly check-in with in 15 minutes. The office was very cordial. I am really glad that Dr. Tran is my primary care physician. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.”

Sarah N.

“My parents recommended me to see Dr Tran when I needed a PCP. I’ve been seeing him since 2014 and he has always addressed my issue thoroughly. The girls in the front are very helpful and friendly! I have always requested for a morning appointment since I have work, and they have always been very accommodating of my needs!”

“Dr. Tran is the best doctor I have had. He gets to know you as a person and your lifestyle to better plan for your overall health. Nice office and friendly staff. Highly recommend.”

Dave C

“Have Dr. Thang Tran as a family doctor for almost 20 years. He is a great doctor and always be there when our family needed.”

“I came in not too sure of what I wanted, but Dr. Tran and his assistants really guided me helped me choose which product/procedure would work for me and it came out great.”

Cici T.

“I’ve been a patient since 2012 and have referred my members to Dr. Thang. He is very charismatic and attentive to my needs. He asks questions that get to the roots of my illness. As one of the review said, he remembers your name and not jut a patient. The office staffs are very friendly.”

Quan N.