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Daxxify Silicon Valley, CA

Introducing Daxxify, a groundbreaking treatment designed to smooth wrinkles and enhance skin glow with an innovative peptide formula.

About the Procedure/Treatment

Daxxify is a non-surgical injectable treatment, similar to Botox, that utilizes a unique peptide to relax facial muscles and improve skin texture.


  • Fast Acting
  • Long-lasting wrinkle reduction
  • Enhanced skin glow
  • Quick and minimally invasive treatment


Ideal for individuals seeking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while achieving a more radiant complexion.

Personal Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and whether Daxxify is right for you.


Minimal preparation is required, with guidelines provided during your consultation.


The procedure is quick, typically completed within minutes, with precise injections administered by a trained professional.


There is little to no downtime, allowing for an immediate return to daily activities.


Visible improvements in skin smoothness and radiance, with effects lasting several months.

Daxxify has gained attention as an approved neurotoxin, by the FDA especially when compared to neurotoxins like Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau. One of its qualities is its ability to last for a duration of six to nine months making it the first FDA-approved neurotoxin, with such a lasting effect. This extended longevity is believed to be achieved through its Peptide Exchange Technology,” which is thought to stabilize the neurotoxin and prolong its effectiveness

Daxxify Silicon Valley, CA Silicon Valley, CA

When compared to other neurotoxins, Daxxify’s longer-lasting effects mean that patients may only need treatments twice a year, as opposed to the three to four times a year required by other products. Additionally, Daxxify is noted to have a more even spread and a quicker onset, taking effect in one to two days compared to up to two weeks for products like Botox Cosmetic

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

Daxxify can be combined with medical-grade skincare and laser treatments such as PicoSure, Tempsure Envi, Hydrafacial, Salt Facial, and Diamond Glow for enhanced results.


Pricing varies based on treatment areas and the number of units needed

The cost of Daxxify is approximately one and a half times that of other neurotoxins, but the longer duration means patients could potentially save about 25% in a year, despite the higher upfront cost. However, as it is a relatively new product, more data and experience with its use may be needed to fully understand its long-term efficacy and safety profile


For more detailed information, visit our detailed Daxxify information page or contact our office directly.

Clinical trials have indicated that the average duration of Daxxify’s effects is around six months or more, sometimes extending up to nine months for some patients. This extended duration is a significant advantage for patients looking for fewer injections per year while maintaining smooth, wrinkle-free skin