Microneedling And Microchanneling

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By applying fine needles to your skin, the process of microneedling encourages the skin’s collagen and elastin to heal the area, leaving skin with a fresh and new look. In San Jose, California, Thang D. Tran, MD, of True You Medical Aesthetic offers microneedling services to rejuvenate your complexion. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to take advantage of this effective skin-enhancing treatment.

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Why Get Microneedling?

Treat localized problem areas
Softer & more radiant skin
Quick & efficient 1-hour session


What does microneedling do for me?

Essentially, microneedling creates a controlled skin injury that leaves micro-punctures in the skin. Due to these tiny injuries, the elastin and collagen in your face are encouraged to heal the area, which can improve your skin’s firmness and texture. You might notice that pores, scars, and stretch marks are reduced through this procedure.

At True You Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Tran also offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy paired with microneedling. Platelets are a component of your blood that has tremendous healing factors.

After drawing a sample of your blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge, he concentrates the platelets into platelet-rich plasma. The substance is applied to your skin immediately following microneedling. The tiny holes created during microneedling makes your complexion particularly receptive to absorbing the growth factors present in the PRP.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

One of the biggest benefits you can get from microneedling is the reduction of skin damage on your face. Dr. Tran uses the microneedling tool to navigate the contours of your face, leaving you with an even skin appearance that’s glowing and fresh. Pore size can diminish and skin tightness can improve as the skin heals.

Does microneedling hurt?

A number of innovative devices, such as the DermapenⓇ and CosmoPenⓇ, have been created in order to reduce any pain one might feel when undergoing microneedling treatment. In fact, many patients report feeling no pain during the procedure at all. Both the Dermapen and the CosmoPen, however, are highly effective at encouraging collagen production and allowing the skin to absorb PRP or topical skin care products for added benefits.

What are the side effects?

Microneedling, when done correctly, can be a low-maintenance, relatively pain-free procedure for patients who are looking to improve the quality of the skin on their face. Some patients experience redness immediately after the procedure that’s similar to that of a sunburn. These effects can fade quickly though, and results from the treatment become apparent as the skin heals.

Can I put on makeup or go back to work after treatment?

It is not advised that you wear makeup immediately after treatment. Makeup should not be worn at least within the first 12 hours of treatment, maybe longer. It’s a personal preference whether or not you go back to work afterward, but your face may be tender and red as if it were sunburned.

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