Top Tips for Medical Marketing

1.  You MUST have a website!!  Your website is your online home for your practice.  More than 80% of patients consider a doctor or hospital to be more cutting edge if they have an active online presence.  Your website needs to showcase your practice and what patients can expect when they choose you as their physician.

2.  Collecting patient emails is a MUST!  Your staff should be collecting every patient’s email address.  Your website should also have an email opt-in where patients can subscribe to office news.  Email marketing can be used for monthly patient newsletters, promotion of new services, introducing a new provider and reminding patients of their appointments.  Email is FREE and you should be using it!  Healthcare marketing emails have been shown to have the #2 open rate of any other business type.

3.  Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) Over 500 million people worldwide used mobile healthcare applications in 2017.  Americans check their social media almost 20 times a day and its the perfect platform for sharing your services, patient education and grow followers which turn into new patients.

 4.  Use Facebook ads to target patients for specific services.  Facebook is a powerful and highly targeted advertising tool for physicians.  For example, if you have a new service for women between the ages of 45-60 which is a cash procedure, you can run a targeted Facebook ad to women 45-60 years old who live within 25 miles of your office who have an annual household income over $75.000 per year.  All for under $100 per month you can reach over 25,000 highly targeted potential patients.

5.  Cultivate relationships with your referral network.  Research shows that doctors refer to specialists who are known, trusted, and with whom they have a strong relationship.  Are you working to enhance your relationships with your referring physicians?  Send thank you cards for referrals, leave them a branded coffee mug or gift, and let them know they are appreciated!

6.  Manage your online reputation – Ask your satisfied patients to give you a review on Google!  YES, you should be asking because otherwise the only ones who write reviews are the few that are not happy.  Your online reputation can help or hurt all of your other marketing efforts, so seek out those positive reviews or call Medical Marketing Whiz to help!

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